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The XML Schema
The documents in this database are marked up using the Text-Encoding Initiative's P5 format. The schema is called mariage.rng. This ia a RelaxNG schema.
XInclude (XML Inclusions) is also used as a mechanism for building the files efficiently while editing, although XIncludes are automatically expanded during processing, so no XIncludes appear in the finished data.
The following modifications have been made to a standard P5 schema:
  • The SVG 1.1 namespace is included. (The inclusion of SVG 1.1 entails a dependency on XLink.)
  • The <svg:svg> element (the SVG element in the SVG namespace) is added as a child of the model.graphicLike class, enabling <svg:svg> to be used as a child of the TEI <figure> element. The TEI has accepted this method of extending P5 as standard, although it is not yet clearly documented in the guidelines.
  • The custom elements <appInfo> and <appDetail> are added as part of the appDesc module. This is a proposed addition to P5 which has not yet been evaluated. It is used by the Image Markup Tool to record information about itself, when editing marked-up images.

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